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PSI TECH is a research and consulting firm utilizing a formerly top secret information collection technology known as Technical Remote Viewing (TRV). This advanced intel gathering technology was developed originally as a military intelligence / spy tool during the cold war at Stanford Research institute. PSI TECH then ushered this top secret technology out of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) in 1989, privatized it, and was a Pentagon contractor during the first Gulf war. The UN awarded PSI TECH a special commendation for its intelligence collection work determining the location of Saddam Hussein’s biological weapons. Declassified in 1995 PSI TECH then re-purposed the protocols for corporate and financial intelligence applications. We have come a long way in the last 30 years, and this website is only the tip of the ice-berg on how we have evolved this amazing capability. 

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The first video is a brief capabilities tour. The second… news clips from PSI TECHs Gulf War days, along with a live demo before a national news crew.

Clip from an AP article in the New York Times – 1991 (click to expand)
Dane - remote viewing
Dane Spotts, Director

How we help you solve the "unsolvable" PSI TECH's advanced Remote Viewing Technology

“Its almost like having a space-time machine. The technology is able to leap frog ahead and access ideas and trajectories of outcomes to solve problems and make tough decisions with new insight. The end result is often shocking and unexpected. Armed with new knowledge our clients are empowered to take decisive action like nothing ever experienced.”    

What do you want to find out using remote viewing technology?

Tell us – what you most want to know. Then discover how we can find answers and solve your most difficult problems by deploying this formerly top secret information collection tool. 

Find out how we apply our technology to a specific problem by clicking on the link below and select a use case that matches what you want to collect intelligence on.

Get a proposal on how we will solve your problem(s) and access your future opportunities by filling out out a brief questionnaire on the “hire-us” page. This allows us to understand you and your project requirements. We will send you our information kit, along with a fee quote.

We don’t take on every client and are a bit picky about the projects we accept due to capacity constraints. After all this is a skill that requires many years of training to be proficient at. Also, we only want to work with people we feel will benefit most from our unique approach to problem solving. We will be happy to review your case and let you know what we can accomplish for you.

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"Tomorrow's success results from what gets decided today. True power comes from knowing the outcome in advance"