Technology Gaps

Imagine being able to leap frog ahead in your R&D program and innovate faster and with less cost by knowing not only what the next “big idea” is – but being able to solve gaps in technology, and find solutions. Thomas Edison took years to figure out how to make a light-bulb work and that’s why its used as a symbol for inspired creativity and innovation. PSI TECH assists you in your light-bulb illuminations.

Here’s an example –  

A well-know bio-tech company involved in new gene-editing technology is about to make a major breakthrough that will revolutionize how cancer is treated. The core process in the technology sequence works but there is a glitch with sporadic failures. PSI TECH is deployed to find out why and refine the methodology.  The data provides new insight that accelerates R&D and reduces costs by a factor of 10.

Sometimes its giving your scientists and engineers who are stuck that intuitive nudge that opens up new possibilities never before seen