Medical Mystery Solved

Being healthy is of course taken for granted – that is until you are faced with a serious crisis. Modern medicine can accomplish some amazing things but it’s not always perfect. When there is no solution to a major medical problem sometimes looking at alternatives can be the answer, but what works? How can you know here to go and what to do? What if there is no obvious answer – or you want to go with a treatment plan – but are uncertain of the outcome?  PSI TECH has worked many cases where what was an initial mystery or fear about a chosen path turned into a success story that was easier and less costly. By utilizing this outside-the-box intelligence, sometimes there are alternatives discovered that resulted in an optimum solution… or by knowing the outcome of a planned approach provides the confidence you need to proceed.

Here’s an example –  

Female in her mid 40s suddenly is coughing up blood at work. Rushed to the ER the doctors are mystified as to the cause, but clearly this is serious. Cancer and T.B. screens turn up negative, and her condition improves and she is released only to return a week later with it being life-threatening. Her husband hires PSI TECH to investigate. The data returns an odd allergenic reaction to a chemical at her work that caused severe immune response. Her doctors were informed and a treatment plan was initiated and recovery was completed in weeks.