Competitive Intelligence

How can you know what your competitors are up to (legally) and beat them to market? Even more important what will be your industry’s most valuable product or service (that you could bring to market) next year.. or over the next 5 years. How can you overcome competitive disadvantages or government interference? What about expansion into new categories or regions… would it be beneficial to know in advance how well you would do? PSI TECH can run trajectories on a myriad of scenarios and outcomes and product data that gives you knowledge of the best plan before you launch expensive new products or campaigns.

Here’s an example –  

Famous athletic wear company wants to know the next biggest trend in consumer markets and the optimum profit niche it can fill. PSI TECH delivers not only what that niche is and how it can be fulfilled but also what the competition is planning – to gain an upper edge and keep it. In today’s brand conscious world it’s about timing your innovations the marketplace is ready to accept and getting there first.

Knowing what your competitors are doing is great, but knowing the next big breakthrough in your industry is even more powerful and profitable.