Taking You Beyond 'Opposition' Research

It can be so much more than a dossier on your political opponents. Using deep Intelligence gathered by our team – you can you know not only their weakness and deepest darkest secrets but how to defeat their strategy. 

Winning Strategy

The key to winning is having the right message combined with a passion to delver it. Lots of money gets spent on focus groups and ad campaigns and most of it is wasted. Now you can cut to the chase.

Key Pivotal Movements

Often in any race there are key pivotal moments which decide an election. We can plot those and provide intell on the direction to take.

Deep Background Probe

Yes, we can find the weakness in your opponent and their deepest darkest secrets which traditional investigation cannot uncover.

Team Development

To win you need a great team willing to go the distance. We can help vet the best candidates and make certain everyone is aligned to the end goal

Free White Paper/ R.F.I.

Discover how TRV works and how you can use this amazing intelligence tool to solve most any problem. Fill out the brief Questionnaire and tell us what you’d like to know. We’ll send you our information kit along with a proposal.