Legal Trouble

You are facing costly litigation (or even worse a criminal matter). Should you settle? If so whats the best possible deal. If you decide to take it to court, what’s the best strategy for winning? Will a jury see it your way? These and many other questions are what litigants and defendants face every day. Armed with PSI TECH Intelligence on your side allows you to proceed with great confidence while saving enormous resources. From jury selection intelligence – to knowing the best way to present your case, you now have power like you never had before.

Here’s an example –  

A well known Medical Doctor with a multi-million dollar practice was facing protracted malpractice litigation with legal fees well into the 7 figures before he contacted PSI TECH. A strategy study was conducted along with a trajectory analysis on taking it to trial and the new data provided a solution outside of what his counsel was telling him. They were taking advantage and ‘fee-milking’ the case because his reputation was on the line – and he felt he had few options. The result? He fired them and with our help hired a new team that looked at the case in a different way. It was settled in 90 days with his reputation and practice restored and he saved a few million in legal fees.

Being able to rest easy facing a serious lawsuit or criminal matter, by having the information edge can make all the difference in your legal case.