Investment Intelligence & Trading

Whether it’s an Equity, Future, Forex or any instrument, having a predictive intelligence tool providing trajectory analysis and help with the best possible outcomes gives you an extremely powerful edge. But its not just for traders. Angles and VC managers can use these tools for determining risk and knowing up-front the best possible additions to their portfolio. Even a bad investment in real estate or a small business can be re-examined, and by determining its optimum trajectory know how to manage a profitable return or exit. 

Here is an example – 

Hedge fund down 14% for the year – looking at executing a new event-based strategy hires PSI TECH to perform a trajectory analysis on a few of its catalyst trades. Not only does it reverse the downtrend of the portfolio, a new strategy emerges that gives the firms traders new tools to operate in an increasingly volatile market. They are now looking to develop their own internal TRV group to provide daily intel to their team.

Knowing in advance the optimum trajectory of an investment, gives an amazing power and confidence to traders.