Your next 'hunch' may be worth millions.

Here’s how. A new bio-tech company has just completed testing a new drug that stops tumor growth in most cancers. You know only two things. 1. That the company has been working on a new drug 2. That they recently completed trials. What you do not know – is whether it works or if it will be approved and make a zillion dollars. That’s where we come in. Amazing? It is.

We will not only verify the ‘hunch’ or ‘rumor’ but we can do a trajectory analysis on the company and jump ahead and see how your investment will perform.

Trade Catalyst Events

Can you trade volatile catalyst events and know in advance the direction of a major market move caused by an earnings release, a merger, IPO or other event. Now you can.

Venture Capital / Angels

Will it be the next google? Can you know which investments will bear the most fruit and what the obstacles are in advance. Now you can.

Portfolio Verification

Can you know the direction of your portfolio and when to add to or close out positions for max profits? Now you can.


Can you know the trajectory of a commodity like oil, or gold or coffee before you buy that next contract? Now you can.

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