Negotiating the Best Deals

When you sit down to the table to cut a deal, how powerful would it be to know the mind of your opponent. To know where not only the deal points will be – but their price threshold, and what they most want to achieve as well as what they are afraid of. Anyone who has ever negotiated a major deal would like nothing more than to have a complete read of the best possible scenario for making the deal and know what to leave on the table. 

Here’s an example –  


In the middle of an M&A deal, the target company CEO is backing off and looking to move out of the deal. Is this a bluff to get more out, or is there another suitor? The company had the resources and the fit was a good one and wanted to make the deal, but at what cost? PSI TECH delivers a report that suggests what is really going on in the CEO’s mind and what the pressure points are. After a weekend knowing what to offer and were the soft spots were, the deal got done and both parties are happy.

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